Frequently asked questions

“Where can I get more information about e-learning policies at Dawson?”

The Office of Instructional Development (OID) will provide you with the online course policy.


“If I want to teach by videoconferencing, which platform do you recommend?”

The College doesn’t recommend any platform in particular. However, you could use any of the following platforms (among others): VIA Solution , Adobe Connect , Zenlive


“I am preparing my first online course, where can I get some support?”

Technical support can be offered by the Office of instructional development (OID) upon request or by the platform’s online support. For pedagogical support, you can contact Dawson teachers who have experience with synchronous or asynchronous courses. You can get some contact names by sending a message to e-learning@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.  Profweb also has interesting teachers’ columns about technology integration.


“At what time during the day do online courses at Dawson normally take place?”  

It depends. Usually teachers ask for the first or the last course of the day in order to facilitate the student’s online access. Please discuss with your chair that certain hours are more beneficial for giving online courses and don’t forget to send the information to the Timetable so your students are aware that the course is given online or partly online.


“If I want to teach synchronously by videoconferencing, who is in charge of reserving the platform?”

Usually, one teacher per department or program is responsible for reserving the platform services for his/her group. The budget must be approved by the Dean.

For more details, please read the Dawson online course policy.