Frequently asked questions

“Where can I get more information about e-learning policies at Dawson?”

The Dawson Online Course Policy is available in the OAD web and here. 

“If I want to teach by videoconferencing, which platform do you recommend?”

The College doesn’t recommend any platform in particular. Some teachers use VIA by SVIeSolution, Adobe Connect or BigBlueButton (free).  Ask your dean for approval if the  platform is not free. 

“I am preparing my first online course, where can I get some support?”

Technical and pedagogical support can be offered by OAD. With some platforms (like VIA) online support to teachers and students are included in the contract. You can also attend events offered by the E-Learning Community of practice : presentations about online teaching, workshops, etc. To be in touch with other Dawson teachers who have experience with online teaching, check the mentoring page in this web site.  Workshops, roundtables and presentations about online teaching are offered during Dawson Ped Day (October) and Ed Tech Week (March).

“If I want to teach synchronously by videoconferencing, who is in charge of reserving the platform?”

Usually, one teacher per department or program is responsible for reserving the platform services for his/her group. The budget must be approved by the Dean.

For more details, please read the Dawson Online Course Policy.